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Q: When is the gym actually open?

 A: The gym is always open to our members. We are open 24 hours a day, every day, including holidays. Guests and non-members can visit the facility during staffed hours (see below)

Q: How Much Does it Cost To Join?

A: Membership Prices are discussed in the gym, with a membership coordinator, during staffed hours. When you stop in you will be given a complementary tour and we will go over your options with you on paper.

Q: Will someone be there to help me get started and show me how to use the machines?

A: Once you join, you will be given 3 FREE personal training sessions to get you started off right! During staffed-hours we are always here to help you! Our educated staff is accessible and will make sure you feel safe and confident!

Q: What are your Staffed-hours?

 A: Our staffed-hours are:

9am-10pm Monday - Friday


9am-6pm - Sunday

(hours are subject to change. Call ahead)

Q: When are your busy hours?

A: Unlike most gyms, we don't have the usual rush of people during peak times. Since we are open 24 hours a day, it is very spread out. Members never have to rush to get in before "closing time." No matter how your day goes (stuck in traffic, staying late at work etc.) you can get in and get on the equipment! Also, being an adult facility creates less crowding because adult members don't tend to come in groups. Members come in, do their thing and go. There are no kids hanging out or coming in packs.

Q: Can someone under 18 join?

A: We only allow underage people (ages 14-17) to join with a parent. They do not receive a key and may only come with their parent during staffed hours.  If an underage person wants to train with a personal trainer they may join and only work out with the trainer. All descions regarding underage members will be made by the owner after meeting with parent and underage individual.

Q: Are there limits on how long I can workout?

A: NO! We do not limit our members at all. You may use the facility whenever you want for as long as you would like.

Q:Are you wheelchair accessible?

A: Yes! This facility is totally wheelchair accessible. Our facility includes wheelchair accessible bathrooms and showers as well as a wheelchair accessible hand bike, 12pc. circuit, cable cross-over unit and free weight area.

Q:Does the equipment become limited during unstaffed hours?

A:The only equipment that is unavailable to members during unstaffed hours is the free-bar for the squat-rack due to state law, however there is a fully functioning Smith Machine available 24/7 which is an equally effective, safe, alternative. Tanning is unavailable during non sale-hours also due to state law. All other equipment as well as bathrooms/showers, TV, Music and climate control are available and running during unstaffed hours.

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